Tribal Hunter | GOG | v1.0.1.4
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Tribal Hunter | GOG
An action platformer with size-changing mechanics. Be quick and nimble or large and in-charge! Tribal Hunter is a classic style action platformer game. The player become legendary guardian spirit, "Munch". Hunts enemies and can eat them to increase their fullness meter. If you eat enough, you will grow in size! Your size and fullness then also functions as a magic meter that you can spend for various effects like healing yourself or casting powerful magic like fireball! Becoming
Loretta | GOG | v1.1.8
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Loretta | GOG
Loretta is a psychological thriller that makes the player an accessory to the heroine’s crimes, leading her through a self-crafted nightmare. Loretta’s story revolves around a woman handling betrayal, her husband’s infidelity, and reclaiming her agency during the socially tumultuous 1940s. Choose dialogue, interact with objects and decide the depths to which Loretta's depravity spirals while navigating a nightmare of her own creation. Loretta is a housewife. Her husband Walter is a writer.
Life of Delta | GOG | v2.1.1
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Life of Delta | GOG
Life of Delta is a point-and-click adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. After the Great War, all humans are wiped out. The only survivors are decaying service robots and humanoid lizards that were born from a long nuclear fallout. Our story follows Delta, who is a small service robot and like any other robot, he is just trying to survive in this harsh environment. One day he is forced to embark on a journey through a vast post-apocalyptic world in order to find his lost friend.
Townscaper | GOG | v1.2.1
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Townscaper | GOG
Стройте причудливый островные города с извилистыми улицами. Постройте небольшие деревни, парящие соборы, сети каналов или небесные города на опорах. Блок за блоком. Нет цели. Нет реального геймплея. Зато полно строений и красоты. Вот и все. Townscaper - экспериментальный проект. Это не серьёзная игра, а скорее небольшое развлечение. Выбери цвета из палитры, поставь цветные блоки на сетку и наблюдай, как алгоритм Townscaper автоматически превращает их в милые маленькие домики, арки, лестницы,
Terra Nil | GOG | v1.0.4
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Terra Nil | GOG
Terra Nil is a game about transforming a barren, lifeless landscape into a thriving, vibrant ecosystem. Turn dead soil into fertile grassland, clean polluted oceans, plant sprawling forests, and create the ideal habitat for animals to call home. Then recycle your buildings and leave no trace that you were there. Reclaim the wasteland. Use advanced eco-technology to purify the soil, creating plains, wetlands, beaches, rainforests, wildflowers, and more—then efficiently recycle everything
LEGO Bricktales | GOG | v1.8 r21117
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LEGO Bricktales | GOG
In LEGO® Bricktales, discover an innovative brick-by-brick building mechanic to design puzzle solutions from your own imagination. See your creations brought to life in a beautiful LEGO world where every problem has a constructive resolution. Embark on an epic adventure across a world of beautiful LEGO diorama biomes crafted brick by brick as you search for inspiration to help your grandfather reinvigorate his rundown amusement park with your little robot buddy in tow. Your journey will take
Islanders | GOG | v1.04
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Islanders | GOG
A quick note from the developers: You want to build beautiful cities without investing hours on end into stressful resource management? Say no more! ISLANDERS should be right up your alley. ISLANDERS is a minimalist strategy game about building cities on colorful islands. Explore an infinite number of ever-changing new lands, expand your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. If you’re thinking about buying ISLANDERS please keep in mind that we
Colossal Cave | GOG | v2.0.224024 (70075)
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Colossal Cave | GOG
Embark on a timeless journey through a sprawling cave system packed with treasures, creatures, mazes, and wits-defying puzzles. The great grandpappy of adventure games will test you and tickle your problem-solving skills as you unearth its plot and secrets. Through cunning trial-and-error you will crawl through tight squeezes, encounter impressive caverns, collect inventory, locate treasure, thwart dwarf attacks, all while keeping your eye on the score before your lamp goes out. Dust off your
Factorio | GOG | v1.1.101
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Factorio | GOG
Factorio is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. In the beginning you will find yourself chopping trees, mining ores and crafting mechanical arms and transport belts by hand, but in short time you can become an industrial powerhouse, with huge solar fields, oil refining and cracking, manufacture and deployment of construction and logistic robots, all for